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12 Chromebook keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

If you are a Chromebook user, you know that the keyboard shortcuts on the Chromebook keyboards are a little different from your traditional keyboards. The Caps Lock key is missing so is the Delete key. However, you can get those handy shortcuts back with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Here are the 12 Chromebook shortcuts you should know.

1 – Control + Switch Windows Key

Purpose – To capture Full Screenshot of your Display.


If you want to capture a screenshot of your entire display, the combination of Control + Switch Windows key works the best.

Open the web page or window of which you want to capture the screenshot.

Press and hold Control + Switch Windows key simultaneously to capture the screenshot of the entire display.

[alert-announce]Note: To locate the Switch windows key, find the key with two parallel lines that looks like a box.[/alert-announce]

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2 – Control + Shift + Switch Windows Key

Purpose – To capture a partial screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot of a selected area, the Control + Shift + Switch Windows key is what you need.

Press and hold Control + Shift + Switch Windows key until your cursor changes into a + icon. Click the + icon on the screen and drag out a box to capture the area on display.

3 – Alt + Search / Launcher

Purpose – Alternative to get Caps Lock Key

Google replaced the Caps Lock key on its Chromebook keyboards with a search/launcher key. If you want to write in the capital letters, you can use this shortcut combo.

Press and hold the Alt + Search / Launcher key to activate caps lock. After this whatever you write will be in capital letters.

To deactivate caps lock in Chromebook, press Alt + Search / Launcher again.

4 – Ctrl +Shift + Q

Purpose – Log out of Chromebook

Why bother accessing the power options just to log out of Chromebook when you can do the same with shortcuts.

Press Ctrl + Shift +Q key simultaneously when you want to log out of the Chromebook. This is handy if you are leaving your Chromebook for long hours.

5 – Search / Launcher Key + L

Purpose – Lock the Chromebook

It is always a good idea to lock your computer whenever you are leaving it idle. Locking the Chromebook is better if you are leaving it for a short period. This keyboard combo helps you in securing the Chrome book with ease.

Press Search /Launcher + L key to lock the Chromebook in a flash.

6 – Alt + –

Purpose – Minimize a window

You can quickly minimize the currently open window using the Alt and key combination.

Press Alt + – to minimize any open window and shrink it to the taskbar.

7 – F 11

Purpose – Get a full-screen window

If you want to maximize a window (that is to have a full-screen window) of an open window, you can do that with the help of a function key.

Press F 11 when you want to view full screen and press F 11 again to exit full screen.

8 – Alt + Tab

Purpose – Switch between open windows quickly

If you have multiple windows open and don’t want to use the trackpad or mouse to select the windows manually to switch between them, the Alt + Tab shortcut makes it easy for you.

Press Alt + Tab key to bring up the Window Switcher. Use the Tab key while holding the Alt key to navigate between multiple windows quickly.

9 – Shift + Esc

Purpose – Open Task manager

The combination to open Task manager in Chromebook is similar to Chrome browser.

Press Shift + Esc to open the Task manager to see which of the apps are eating up Chromebook memory and processor.

10 – Alt + 1 – 9

Purpose – Quickly launch pinned apps from the taskbar

If you have apps pinned to the taskbar for easier access, you can use this Chromebook shortcut to access all the pinned apps faster.

Press Alt + 1 – 9 to open any pinned app from the taskbar. 1-9 is the app number from left to right. Only remember the app number and never use the mouse again to open Pinned apps.

11 – Alt + [ / ]

Purpose – Pin a Window to the Left for multi-window

If you want to quickly move an open Window to the left or right side of the screen, you can do that quickly using this Chromebook shortcut.

Press Alt + [ or ] depending on the side you want to pin the open window. This comes in handy if you want to use multiple windows on the screen simultaneously.

12 – Alt + Screen Brightness Button Up / Down

Purpose – Adjust Chromebook Backlight Keyboard Brightness

Some of the Chromebooks offer backlight keyboard and if your Chromebook’s backlight keyboard is too bright or dim, this
keyboard shortcut will help you adjust the brightness without having to access the control panel.

Press Alt + Screen brightness Up or Down button to increase and decrease the Chromebook keyboard backlight brightness.

These are the 12 Chromebook keyboard shortcuts we have for you. Do let us know if you have a favourite keyboard shortcut that we may have missed in this article in the comments.



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