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How to Adjust External Monitor brightness without using control buttons

Windows 10, by default, supports multiple monitors and allows you to use the monitor in Extended, Duplicate, or Second Screen Only mode to create a multimonitor setup. That said, to change the external monitor brightness, users have to access the physical buttons on the monitor.

Third-party software like Monitorian allows you to adjust the brightness of your external monitor. You can control up to 4 monitors directly from the Windows taskbar. The app is free to use. However, the app’s premium version allows you to control more than four monitors and offers some additional features.


This article shows you how to change your external monitor brightness in Windows 10 without using the monitor control buttons.

Adjust external monitor brightness in Windows 10

1. Download Monitorian from Microsoft Store.

2. Launch the Microsoft Store app and search for the Monitorian app.

3. Click on the Install button.

4. Once installed, launch Monitorian.

You can also install Monitorian by downloading it from Github. In this case, downloading and installing directly from the Microsoft Store worked flawlessly.

How to use Monitorian

Click the Start button and open Monitorian. Latter, click the System Tray icon and click on the Monitorian app icon.

Adjust external monitor brightness

Clicking on the app icon will show all the displays connected to your computer. To adjust the brightness, simply drag the slider to increase and decrease individual displays’ brightness manually.

If you want to change the screen brightness of all the monitors in Unison, you can do that as well. Right-click on the Monitorian app icon in the System Tray and select Enable moving in Unison.

Secondary monitor brightness control software

If you are using a laptop with a secondary monitor, the app will show your laptop’s display as a Generic monitor. In contrast, the secondary monitor will have its model name associated with it to avoid confusion.

What to do if Monitorian is not working on your computer?

If the Monitorian app does not recognize your secondary display, make sure the DDC/CI support is enabled. Also, make sure the adaptive brightness or Bright Intelligence features is turned off.

Enable DDC/CI

Adjust external monitor brightness

Note: The following steps are for the BENQ Monitors. Refer to the monitor instruction manual if you are using any other monitor.

1. Press one of the physical buttons on your monitor.

2. Select the Menu option.

3. Go to the System tab using the physical buttons.

4. Select DDC/CI > ON.

5. Save the changes and exit the monitor settings menu.

6. Exit and relaunch Monitorian and check if the app recognizes your secondary monitor.

Disable Bright Intelligence

Adjust external monitor brightness

1. Press any control button on your monitor.

2. Select the Menu option.

3. Go to Eye Care > Bright Intelligence > Off.

4. Exit the settings menu and check for any improvements.

The Bright Intelligence feature in BENQ monitors, when enabled, automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to your room’s light conditions. However, this feature also prevents the Monitorian app from functioning correctly. So, make sure to disable the bright intelligence feature for the app to work.

Adjusting the external monitor brightness using the control button is a cumbersome process. This is where Monitorian shines. It is free to use, supports up to 4 monitors, and offers unison and individual brightness adjustment control for all the monitors.




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