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How to Enable Mobile Hotspot on Android 7 Nougat Device

Enabling hotspot on your Android device helps you to share your mobile data with others, connect with different types of third-party software such as ShareIt and so on. But enabling Hotspot on any Android device running the latest version of Android 7.0+ may seem quite confusing if you are new to Android and have bought an Android Nougat running device.

If you have used the file sharing apps such as Shareit and “Xender”, you would know that at times you may need to enable the Tethering or WiFi hotspot manually if it does not happen automatically.


Another scenario could be that you are in a remote place and does not have access to WiFi. You have access to 3G/4G data, but your friends don’t have access any such network.

In such cases, you can share your internet data connection with your friends by turning your Android phone into WiFi Hotspot.

If you are looking for a guide which will help you to enable and set up mobile hotspot on your Android device running Android 7.0, then this guide may be helpful for you. Just follow the below given easy and simple steps in order to setup and enable hotspot on your Android device.

Enable Mobile Hotspot on Android 7. Nougat Device

Step 1: At first unlock your phone and go to Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Wireless and Networks option.

Step 3: In Wireless and Networks option, Go to More.

Step 4: Now select the tethering and Hotspot option.

Step 5: But before enabling the hotspot, you need to setup the hotspot. To do so follow these steps.

  • Tap on Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Now you can specify a network name and password of your own choice and then tap on Save.

Step 6: Now you can just turn on the Hotspot on your Android device.

In order to turn off the Wi-fi hotspot, you can just go back to the location where you turned it on, and you can turn off your Hotspot.

An alternative and short-cut method to turn off the hotspot is to swipe down the quick settings panel, and you will be able to see a Hotspot icon, you can just click on it to turn off the hotspot.




  1. Opening a hotspot on the Samsung s3 tablet (sm t820) does not work per your Nougat instructions. The S3 does not offer in SETTINGS the options you show.

    Too bad the S3 is crippled like this.



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