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How to Fix ”Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile” Problem

 Today in this guide you will learn how to fix the error ”Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile”. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most useful apps in the Windows OS. It helps you in many ways like managing your email systematically, managing calendar and so on.

People like using Microsoft Outlook due to its friendly user interface. But sometimes you may face various problems using Microsoft Outlook. Some of the users are facing a common error that results in ‘Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile” and users have been complaining about it.


If you are an Outlook user and facing the similar kind of error as mentioned above, then this guide may assist you to overcome this problem. There are different methods to solve this error, so follow the below given methods to solve this error. Also read, enable hibernation option in Windows 10.

Method 1: Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Firstly you can try this method to solve this error. This repair tool is very useful and may help you to overcome this problem.

Step 1: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16. It may be different due to the office version. You can use Office16 if you are using Office 2016.

Step 2: Look for SCANPST.EXE file and open it.

Step 3: Now you can select nst / pst file from here  C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.

Step 5: Now press the Start button.

Step 6: Now if you see a Repair button, click on it.

That’s all you need to do. I think you should have solved the error of Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile successfully.

Method 2: Disable Outlook Add-ins in Safe Mode

If the above method didn’t work for you, then no need to worry, you can try this method to solve this error.

Step 1: Press Win+R, and it should open Run dialogue box.

Step 2: Now type command outlook /safe and press Enter.

Step 3: Now you will enter into the Microsoft Outlook desktop app under safe mode.

Step 4: Now at the bottom left of the Outlook window, click the three dots and select Navigate option.

Step 5: In Navigate option, go to Control

Step 6: In Control go to Add-ins.

Step 7: Now you will see a Manage option at the bottom of the page, beside that choose COM-Addins and beside that click on the option Go.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Users do this instead: Click File > Options > Add-ins (left pane) > select COM Add-in in Manage section at the bottom and click Go.

Once you are done, you will see all the Add-ins in a new window. Now you can disable any of the Add-ins, which you think may be the reason for the error you are facing. Or else you can just disable one by one Add-ins and find out the real culprit.

Uncheck one by one all the add-ins until the error is resolved. You should able to resolve the error and get the Outlook working without any errors. If that also did not work, try other given solutions.

Method 3: Delete Outlook Profile

If any of the methods didn’t work for you, then try deleting your Outlook profile. Deleting your Outlook profile may help you to solve this error. In order to delete your Outlook profile follow the below given easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel.

Step 2: In Control Panel, choose Users account.

Step 3: Now click on Mails.

Step 4: In Mails, select Show Profiles.

Step 5: Now you can delete your existing profile, and try relaunching Microsoft Outlook. Upon the relaunch, you should get the Microsoft Outlook running and the stuck on profile logo error should be resolved by now.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, you can try deleting your Profile from Registry. If you are unaware of it, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Press Win+R simultaneously, it will open Run dialogue box.

Step 2: Now type the command regedit and press enter.

Step 3: Now under Windows Registry Editor, Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Step 4: Go to Software.

Step 5: In Software Go to Microsoft.

Step 6: In Microsoft Go to Office.

Step 7: In Office Go to Profiles.

Step 8: Now you can find the Outlook folder and just Right click on it and Delete.

Alternatively, there is one more method to delete the Outlook profile in Windows PC. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: At first Open RUN by pressing Windows Key + R.

Step 2: Type this command  %LOCALAPPDATA%\MIcrosoft\Outlook and hit enter.

Step 3: Simply find out your Profile and Delete it.

Method 4: Clean Boot Check In

Nothing seems working? No need to get frustrated, there are still some methods available that can help you resolve this error. Using this method, you can try opening Outlook desktop app in clean boot state.

For example, If a third party app is involved in it, then you will not be able to troubleshoot this error. So you can try uninstalling or disabling recently downloaded apps or any other types of software. Yes, this method is a little annoying as no one likes to install and remove their software again and again. But this may lead to solving the error Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile issue.

Method 5: Try Disabling Hardware Graphic Acceleration

Step 1: At first open Microsoft Outlook in Safe mode as I shown you in the method 2.

Step 2: Now under Safe mode go to File.

Step 3: In File Go to Options.

Step 4: In Options Go to Advanced.

Step 5: Now look for Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration under Display section and hit on OK.

Step 6: Now try launching Microsoft Outlook in general mode.

That’s it! This might fix your problem.

Method 6: Try Repairing Microsoft Office

I think till now you should have solved the error, however, if you are looking for an alternative method, then you can try this last method in this guide, which may help you to solve the error.

Step 1: A Right Click on Start Menu.

Step 2: In Start Menu click on Programmes and Features.

Step 3: Now look for Microsoft Office and a Right Click on it.

Step 4: Now select the Change option.

Step 5: You can choose any of the options among two, Quick Repair or  Online Repair

Step 6: I recommend you to choose the quick repair option first, in case it fails to repair, you can try the other option  that is Online Repair

Any of this two repair can successfully repair your Microsoft Office, thus if your Microsoft office is repaired, automatically Microsoft Outlook is also repaired.

That’s all for now. If you find this guide helpful fell free to share your experience with us, of if you have any doubts or suggestions do let us know in the comments.




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