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Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome

3 Ways to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome

The latest version of Google Chrome v78 comes with a new set of features. One of the new features is the addition of Dark...
fix Press Ctrl Alt Delete to Unlock Screen Windows 10

Remove “Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete” to Unlock Message on Lock screen

Today, when booting up my Windows 10 computer, instead of showing the regular lock screen where the system asks to swipe up to bring...
YouTube Picture in Picture Chrome Right Click

Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Google Chrome for YouTube

Google released the final stable release of the Chrome version 69 to the public recently. The latest version of Chrome comes with several new...
Disable Bookmarks bar NTP

How to Hide Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar Permanently

The bookmark bar in Google Chrome is a convenient way to access the websites that you visit frequently. If you want to disable the...
This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates

Disable “Windows XP & Vista will No Longer be Supported” message in Chrome

Microsoft has long ended its support for the Windows XP and Vista OS. However, some users still prefer to use these versions of the...
Message Could Not be Sent Check Your Network Again Error Gmail

Fix “Message Could Not be Sent Check Your Network and Try Again” Error in...

The web interface of Gmail has an all-new UI. While the new UI looks and feels better to use, a new error has left...

How to Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote

Google Keep and Evernote are two best note-taking apps that are available on multiple platforms. While Google Keep has taken a simplistic approach to...
Set different wallpaper second monitor

Set a Different Wallpaper On Each Monitor In Windows 10

If you are using a dual monitor setup to increase your productivity, why are you still using the background wallpaper on both the monitors?...

How to Upload Images to Instagram from PC

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps. While other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are accessible from both the...
Fix Samsung EVO SSD This drive is not supported Magician Software

Fix “This Drive is not Supported Error” Samsung Magician Software

Samsung makes it easy for its 970 EVO Plus users to test the performance of the SSD using its own Magician Software. That said,...