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fix Press Ctrl Alt Delete to Unlock Screen Windows 10

Remove “Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete” to Unlock Message on Lock screen

Today, when booting up my Windows 10 computer, instead of showing the regular lock screen where the system asks to swipe up to bring...
something went wrong, we are trying to fix the problem it may take some time please wait error Hotspot Shield VPN

Fix “Something Went Wrong” Hotspot Shield VPN Error

HotSpot Shield has been my go-to VPN for secure browsing mainly because Hotspot Shield comes in both free and elite premium version. The free...

How to Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote

Google Keep and Evernote are two best note-taking apps that are available on multiple platforms. While Google Keep has taken a simplistic approach to...
YouTube Picture in Picture Chrome Right Click

Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Google Chrome for YouTube

Google released the final stable release of the Chrome version 69 to the public recently. The latest version of Chrome comes with several new...

How to Cast Android Screen to Windows 10 PC the Easy Way

Windows 10 comes with Connect app installed by default. And if you own an Android phone running Android 4.2 and above, you may know...
Message Could Not be Sent Check Your Network Again Error Gmail

Fix “Message Could Not be Sent Check Your Network and Try Again” Error in...

The web interface of Gmail has an all-new UI. While the new UI looks and feels better to use, a new error has left...

Fix Google Chrome Black Screen Issue in Windows 10

Google Chrome is my go-to web browser on Windows PC that I use. However, the browser had developed a black screen issue lately. The...

[Fix] Google Keep Not Syncing Notes & Images

Keep from Google is a handy tool and is among the best note-taking apps for your Android and iOS devices. Keep being a Google...

Fiber Optic Vs Cable Broadband

Traditionally the Internet Service Providers have used cable broadband to provide internet services to home and office. With the invention of Fiber Optic, although...

Directly Save Files from the Internet to Google Drive, DropBox, Box, etc

While surfing the internet you may come across a useful software, but don't want to download it to the PC hard drive as you...