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6 Ways to Fix Hulu Load Failure On Xbox/Fire TV Stick/Smart TV

Hulu is a popular streaming platform, similar to other platforms when using the service one or another error. Hulu load failure error is one of the many errors you may encounter and usually occurs when you play any video from the Hulu library.

Since you can stream Hulu on almost all the devices, including FireStick, Samsung TV, PS3, PS4, Smart TV, Xbox and even PC, and Apple TV, the error can occur due to several reasons.


Unlike the Hulu playback failure error, this error occurs when the user tries to launch Hulu on their device.

If you are troubled by this Hulu service error code on your streaming device, here are a few things that you can try to fix the error code when loading Hulu.

What is the load failure Hulu error?

The load failure Hulu error is one of the system code triggered when the app or service fails to perform as intended or have trouble loading functions due to Hulu outages when trying to watch Hulu.

While the error is not so common as other Hulu error on a streaming device, it has affected almost all the devices on which Hulu is available.

What causes the load failure Hulu was unable to launch successfully error?

Since the error code occurs when you try to launch the app, it is possible that the service is down.

If there is no service outage, you may want to check your internet connection, device connected, app corruption that may require you to reinstall the Hulu app, issues with your streaming device such as Apple TV or Smart TV, etc.

How to fix the load failure Hulu error?

Here are a few quick troubleshooting steps for the most commonly affected devices. If you own one of these devices, you should be able to fix issues with live TV and more.

1. Check internet connection

Before we jump into providing troubleshooting steps for video game console and other devices, make sure everything is correct on your end. Slow or unreliable Internet connection is one of the common reason for streaming related errors.

Run a speed test, check your wireless router for any issues, disconnect multiple devices that hogging the network resources.

2. Check if it works on the web browser

Hulu Load Failure

Before we show you the device by device troubleshooting, check if these Hulu problems exist when accessing it through the web and if the videos work. This should help you determine if the problem is due to service or devices connected.

On your browser, go to Hulu website and login with your Hulu username and password. Play any video and check if the error occurs. If not, proceed with the steps below based on the streaming device you are using.

3. Load Failure Error on Amazon Fire Stick

Before we delve into more technical troubleshooting steps, check if there is an update available for the app to fix error codes. Also, restart the Fire TV Stick to fix any issues that may occur due to temporary glitches.

Step 1: Corrupt app data on Fire Stick for the Hulu app can break some functionalities. For troubleshooting Hulu, try to force close the app. If that does not, try reinstalling the app by going to Menu > Settings > Applications. Choose and uninstall the app and then reinstall it from the Amazon Store and check for any improvements.

Step 2: If the error persists, factory reset is another method that you can try to fix the problem. To do this, go to Settings > Device > Factory Defaults. Note that this will delete all data, and you will have to configure your streaming stick and the Hulu app from scratch.

4. Load Failure Error on Samsung TV, Smart TV, Vizio and other TVs Streaming Device

If opening Hulu on your Samsung or any other TV results in the error, here are a few things you can try to fix your Hulu account.

Step 1: Perform a power cycle to fix the playback error. A quick restart can fix many issues triggered due to a temporary glitch.

Step 2: Deactivate and Reactivate the device. This is helpful if you have too many outdated or unfamiliar device on your account. First, go to the Hulu account page to view all your activated devices that have access to your account. Click the Remove button to deactivate the device. Next, relaunch the Hulu app on your smart TVs and log in with your service credentials.

Step 3: Check the HDMI cable. Disconnect the HDMI connection connected to your TV and then reconnect to see if that resolves the error on the Hulu app.

5. Load Failure Error on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U Hulu app

Step 1: Test other apps or programs on your device. Launch any other app such as the Netflix app installed on your console and check if it is experiencing an error. Clear cache of the apps on your console. If you notice similar issues, it could be due to poor connectivity. Check your modem and router for internet issues.

Step 2: Check for app and system update. On your PS4 from the game library, hover over the app that you want to update. Next, press the Options button in your controller to open the Side menu. Choose check for update.

On Xbox One, find the app that you want to update and check if there is an update option. Then, download and install the pending updates and check if that resolves the error.

6. Uninstall Hulu

As a last resort, try to reinstall the Hulu app. At times, corrupt app data or outdated version can prevent the app from supporting new updates made to the service. Open the app library of your streaming device and uninstall the app. Once uninstalled, restart and then reinstall the app.

If the issue persists, contact Hulu support. You can either reach out via the official website or Twitter support page.

Can you stream now?

Hulu is an excellent app to stream on-demand videos. However, occasional errors can ruin your entertainment day.

To fix the error, manage devices, clear saved data and temporary files, check if the device is in standby mode or sleep mode – close the Hulu app and relaunch it – open the app on different devices – check for the outage on Hulu’s end, try playing other videos, etc.



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