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Disable safe mode Android

Phone stuck in Android Safe Mode? Here’s how to disable it

Previously we discussed how to boot Android phones into Safe Mode. While accessing the Safe Mode feature is easy, at times, you may find...

Razer Cortex Black screen issue in Windows 10

The popular gaming accessory manufacturer Razer offers a gaming booster software called Razer Cortex. The software, once installed, allows the user to optimize the...

4 Ways to Boot Android Phone into Safe Mode

Booting your Android device into safe mode allows you to troubleshoot any issues with the phone caused by a third-party app. It means once...
Pause Play Store download Asphalt 9

2 Ways to pause Play Store download in Android (PUBG, COD Mobile, Asphalt)

The Google Play Store, by default, does not support the download pause feature. So, if the user wants to pause a download and continue...
The file has no audio or video streams

Fix The file has no audio or video streams Adobe Premiere Pro error

While importing certain MP4 and MOV files, you may encounter the 'The file has no audio or video stream' error in Adobe Premiere Pro....

Fix Adobe Premiere Pro Stuck on loading ExporterQuicktimeHost.prm

If you use Adobe Premiere Pro, you may encounter some kind of error now and then. One such error is the Adobe Premiere Pro...
MP4 Files Audio Out of Sync in Adobe Premiere Pro

Fix MP4 Files Audio Out of Sync in Adobe Premiere Pro

While importing MP4 files to your video editor, which is Adobe Premiere Pro, in this case, you may encounter the audio out of sync...
Call of Duty Mobile Joining game, loading timeout error

Fix COD Mobile – Joining game, Loading timeout error

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the popular mobile battle royal games that the Android and iOS users can play. While the game...
Netflix error code D7361-1253

Fix Netflix error code D7361-1253 – oops something went wrong

While watching a Netflix series on the Chrome browser, I encountered a network error. The full error reads "Oops something went wrong. Unexpected error....

Fix COD Mobile Gameloop Update Error – this app isn’t compatible with your device...

COD Mobile is one of the latest yet among the most popular Multiplayer FPS and Battle Royal games available for Android and iOS devices....