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Razer Cortex Black screen issue in Windows 10

The popular gaming accessory manufacturer Razer offers a gaming booster software called Razer Cortex. The software, once installed, allows the user to optimize the PC resources to help you maximize the gaming performance.

That said, after installing the Razer Cortex, you may encounter the black screen issue when launching the program. The software simply shows a black screen without any error message.


This issue can occur due to a glitch in the software or if the installation files are corrupted. In this article, we take a look at a few possible solutions to help you resolve the Razer Cortex black screen issue in Windows 10.

Fix Razer Cortext black screen problem in Windows 10

1. Repair Razer Cortex installer

The Razer Cortex comes with a built-in repair tool. The tool can help you resolve any issues with the Razer software automatically by running a scan.

  1. Press Windows Key + R. This will open the Run dialogue box.
  2. Type control and click OK.
  3. Go to Programs and then click on Programs and Features.
  4. From the list of installed apps, select Razer Cortext.
  5. Click the Change button on top.
    Razer Cortex Black screen issue
  6. In ‘What would you like to do?‘ window, click the Repair button under Reinstall your current installed Razer software section.
  7. The troubleshooter will repair the installation files for both Razer Synapse and Razer Cortex software. The repairing process may take some time, so wait till it is 100% complete.
  8. Once done, close the repair and tool and launch Razer Cortext. Check if the black screen issue is resolved.

Repairing the Razer Cortex app using the built-in troubleshooter should resolve any issues with the app. However, if the issue persists, continue with the steps below.

2. Uninstall, Clean Registry Files and Reinstall

If repairing the software did not fix the problem, try uninstalling, cleaning the registry files, and then reinstall Razer Cortex to fix the problem. Here’s how to do it.

Uninstall Razer Cortex 

  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl and click OK. This will open the Control Panel and list all the programs installed on your computer.
  3. Select Razer Cortex from the list.
    Razer Cortex Black screen issue
  4. Click on Uninstall.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the software completely.
  6. After uninstalling the app, you need to clean the registry entries so that the leftover files don’t create issues while reinstalling the program again.

Clean Registry Files

  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. Type regedit and click OK to open Registry Editor.
    Razer Cortex Black screen issue
  3. In Registry Editor, navigate to the following location:
  4. Right-click on the Razer key and click Delete.
  5. Click OK to confirm the action.
  6. Once deleted, close Registry Editor and restart the computer.

Reinstall Razer Cortex

  1. Once we have uninstalled Razer Cortex and cleaned the files, it is time to reinstall the software.
  2. Head over to Razer’s official website to download Razer Cortex.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Launch Razer Cortex and login with your credentials.
  5. Razer Cortex will now start without the black screen issue.

The Razer cortex black screen issue while launching the software occurs due to a glitch in the software or if the installation files are corrupted. If you are experiencing similar issues, follow the steps in this article and let us know which method helped you resolve the issue in comments.



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