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Turn off VLC Media Player Track Change Popup Notifications in Windows 10

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media player available for Windows computers. I use it for watching movies as well listen to my collection of video/audio songs. While listening to the audio or videos songs VLC Media Player displays a pop-up notification every time the track changes.

The VLC media player track change notification can be annoying for many. Fortunately, VLC has included a way to disable or enable the notifications in the preferences menu. Here is how to do


Disable VLC Media Player Track Change Popup Notifications

  1. Launch VLC Media Player.
  2. Click on Tools and select Preferences.
    Disable VLC Player Popup Notification
  3. In the Interface tab, locate “Show Media Change Popup” section.
    Disable VLC Player Popup Notification
  4. Click the drop-down menu and select Never.
  5. Click the Save button and close the VLC Media Player.
  6. Relaunch the player again and try to play your playlist.
  7. Now you should not get any popup notifications from the VLC player when the next song plays.

 Use Focus Assist

If you don’t want to disable the VLC media player notifications completely but just stop it from it appearing on the screen, you can use Focus Assist in Windows 10.

The focus assist feature in Windows 10 allows you to stop any non-priority notifications from any app appearing on your screen while you are working. This is similar to the DND feature on your Android smartphone. This also applies to the VLC player.

  • To enable Focus Assist, click on the Action Center icon.
  • Click on Focus Assists to set it to Priority Only.
    Disable VLC Player Popup Notification
  • Now instead of displaying a pop-up notification for the next song on the screen, all the notifications will be shown in the notifications area only when you click the Action Center icon.

Since the average songs are just about a few minutes long, the popup notifications appear frequently enough to become annoying while you are working on your computer.

However, you can easily disable the VLC Media player track change notification by following steps from this article.




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