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How to Unlock Bootloader and Get Root Access in Windows Phone

Unlocking the bootloader of an Android device doesn’t seem much difficult, but earlier unlocking the bootloader of a Windows phone was very difficult and quite confusing too. But now due to some of the developer tools, unlocking the bootloader in Windows phone is as easy as in the case of Android. If you want to unlock the bootloader of your Windows Phone device, then this guide will assist you with a step by step procedure.

Windows phone users want to unlock the bootloader of their device, to be able to customise their device as they prefer. Unlocking the bootloader of your device gives you full access on your device, making it possible flashing even an Android OS on your Windows phone. To unlock the bootloader of your Windows phone follow the below-given steps carefully and calmly.



Stock Firmware of your device ( .ffu file)

Download WP Internal tool from here

Download HEX files & Engineering-SBL3s file from here

Unlock Bootloader of Windows Phone

Step 1: At first you need to flash stock firmware before unlocking. In order to flash just click on the Flash option under Platform.

Step 2: Now a message will pop-up saying Flash Original FFU, you just need to browse your device FFU and click on Flash FFU Image.

Step 3: Now you need to wait until the software flashes the original firmware.

Step 4: After the successful flash, your phone will reboot. You need to go to Unlock Header and select the option Unlock Bootloader.

Step 5: Now a prompt will appear, just click OK to enter into the Flash mode.

Step 6: Now look for Resource for Flashing option, and Select your FFU Image.

Step 7: Now browse the FFU and click OK.

Step 8: Now select “Select the folder with Lumia Emergency Driver “option.

Step 9: Now select MPRG_HEX folder and click OK.

Step 10: Now you need to choose Optionally Select an FFU image or raw image with an Engineering-SBL3 Partition option. Now you need to browse file for your device under Engineering-SBL3s folder.

Step 11: Once done with all the steps just hit on Continue. The process may take some time to get completed.

That’s all you need to do. Once the process gets completed, you have unlocked the bootloader of your Windows Phone device successfully.



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